Winter Giveaway


Some may not know, but Drawn Through You began as a humble, little web serial. A short story I wrote in installments on a whim, with no idea where it would go. Upon delving deeper into the world of two imaginary cities, set in the beautiful state of Ohio, Mason and Sweetwater introduced me to new and interesting characters. Several with stories to tell.

To celebrate the holiday season and my forthcoming Mason Sweetwater Series, I’m hosting a fun giveaway!

This week’s Keyword is: SWEETWATER.

Click here for a chance to win a signed copy of Drawn Through You and a set of hand-painted Mason-Sweetwater jars. Each week there will be a new keyword with a few bonus words in between. So keep checking my Facebook page for updates! A winner will be chosen January 6th, 2016.

This giveaway is for US and Canadian residents only.


imageDecember will kick off my first venture into the world of quarterly newsletters. I’m excited to share what I’m currently up to, my latest adult bevie concoction, and most importantly, details on the fun winter giveaway I have planned. I might even throw in a deleted scene from Drawn Through You.
To sweeten the deal, I’m giving away a $15 Amazon gift card to one random subscriber. The winner will be announced in my Winter Newsletter.
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Hanging Up My Pantser Ways

NaNoWriMo take

Honestly I can’t be sure, but I think this year will be my fourth attempt at the ever elusive NaNoWriMo crown. My Eleanor. My unicorn. For anyone who hasn’t seen the movie Gone in 60 Seconds starring Nicholas Cage, NaNoWriMo is akin to a “mythological creature. Totally unattainable”.

In all fairness, prior years of missed opportunities have had their fair share of complications. Lack of time, means, and yes, even electricity. But they’ve also been justified by empty excuses. Writers write, and that is the underlying message behind National Novel Writing Month. Continue reading


November is over and nope, I didn’t win NaNoWriMo. But that’s okay. I was able to get a huge chunk of my first draft down on paper and further solidify a writing process that really works for me. Probably the greatest accomplishment of all.
I’m still learning about the main characters of my story and that, evidently was a huge factor in my struggle. Who are these people and why do I want to write about them?
As with anything, the deeper in I get, the more familiar I become, in turn making the journey towards the end less treacherous. My new focus is to have the first draft complete by the New Year. I have a great head start and am very confident in my direction. So, here’s to a month full of vigorous writing! I couldn’t be happier.

Just Post-It

How do you Post-it Plot? The answer is simple. Any way you want.

I first learned about Post-it plotting two years ago at a small, intimate writer/reader conference. Two wonderful authors described how they both used sticky notes on a presentation board, mapping out the twists and turns of their storylines while keeping tabs on all loose ends that needed tying off. Feeling determined on my ride home, I stopped at my local Staples, purchasing a presentation board and a plethora of Post-its. Then I sat down on my comfy, leather couch and looked at both in complete puzzlement, asking myself, what the heck do I do now?

Continue reading

The Hills Are Alive

It’s Friday and I’m excited to say I experienced a pretty winning week, both personally and professionally. My greatest accomplishment was finishing the revisions for my first book, releasing October 2015. Needless to say, I promptly channeled my inner Julie Andrews, spinning in circles, with arms outstretched, until I wanted to vomit.
I won’t lie, there were times when I needed my editor and friends to talk me down from the harrowing cliff of self-doubt, the dark abyss at the bottom, threatening to swallow me whole. But with their invaluable help and support, I persevered and am now ready to tackle the next phase in the publication process. Edits! *shivers*

How do you write?

In order to establish yourself as a writer, you must— well, write. Sometimes finding a process that consistently works is a far greater challenge than putting actual words on a page. I have a day job Monday through Friday and often squeeze valuable writing time in between. My brain seems to focus best when my butt is parked in that office chair. Go figure! I don’t have access to my digital manuscript files while at work, therefore I do a good chunk of my writing old school. Translation: pen and paper. (I could do a whole post on favorite writing implements but I will save that for another time.) Continue reading