Free Read: Severed

severed“Nervous much?”

Ruel glanced over at Ereik with narrowed eyes. The demon consort and he had grown accustomed to each other’s presence over the course of several centuries of working together, however neither held the other in high regard.

“Why should I be?” Ruel replied coolly.

The demon shrugged his shoulders, the heavy leather sleeves of his duster producing a loud rustle. “No reason. Ninety-nine thousand.” Ereik let out a low whistle through pursed lips that curved up at the corners. “Doesn’t the next soul win you a car or some shit like that?”

Ereik always found sport in provoking Ruel with profanity and insolence, especially in close proximity of his superiors. “Mind your tongue, demon.” Ereik lifted his hands in mock surrender as Ruel reigned in his uncharacteristically hair-trigger temper. “I know not seeing as though I have yet to reach this number until now.” Ruel shifted from one booted foot to the other while waiting outside the Assemblence chambers, Ereik’s calculating eyes boring into him like a power drill.

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