Drawn Through You

Drawn Through You

What if the brooding billionaire wore pencil skirts and Louboutins?

What if the impressionable intern was a small-town carpenter with boyish charm?

Cole Jacobson always thought he would take after his father and pursue his dreams. But when the family business falters and he’s forced to accept his uncle’s help, Cole is summoned to the big city for a job he never wanted.

Priorities become obscured when Cole finds himself working for Shaun Wright, the powerful, intimidating, and ruthlessly attractive partner at his uncle’s contracting firm. Forced to either sacrifice his hard-won integrity or leave behind the one thing that brings him true happiness, Cole must make a decision that could cost him both. A decision only complicated by the alluring, inscrutable woman that he can’t stop thinking about. A woman who just might be as intrigued as he is to cross professional boundaries.

AVAILABLE FALL 2015 from Tryst Books