How do you write?

In order to establish yourself as a writer, you must— well, write. Sometimes finding a process that consistently works is a far greater challenge than putting actual words on a page. I have a day job Monday through Friday and often squeeze valuable writing time in between. My brain seems to focus best when my butt is parked in that office chair. Go figure! I don’t have access to my digital manuscript files while at work, therefore I do a good chunk of my writing old school. Translation: pen and paper. (I could do a whole post on favorite writing implements but I will save that for another time.) Continue reading

Consistent Writer Wanted

I had perched myself on a comfortable fence regarding an attempt at NaNoWriMo this year and with good reason. I’m a repeat quitter. I would jump through the gate running and writing, determined to sprint on through the finish line, only to lose momentum and stamina long before I reached anywhere near my goal. After receiving Sara Megibow’s – NaNoWriMo Cheerleader article in my email from Romance University this morning, I decided to give National Novel Writing Month another try, but with a different focus in mind. Consistency. Consistency is one of my greatest opportunities in writing and I believe this will be the perfect venue for me to work on changing that.
I haven’t decided the writing project yet or my personal word count goal, but I do intend on setting up some kind of daily accountability here, and maybe even have one day a week where I’ll share a snippet. I refuse to disillusion myself. This will definitely be a huge challenge, but I’m determined to give this attempt my all.
My first step in the right direction is prep. I printed out my favorite planner pages to jot down a loose outline of my month of consistent writing. Lots of line space and each day includes a motivational quote. Perfection! You can find the planner pages here if you’d like to check them out. Will you be participating in NaNoWriMo this year?

Get To Know My Publisher, Tryst Books

It all started with a tweet…

Thanks to the lovely and talented Phoebe Chase, I made a connection that would change my journey as a writer considerably. I’m now in the process of revising my web serial known as Arch Intrigue, in preparation for publication with Tryst Books. I can’t even begin to convey my excitement in words and hope readers will join in on the fun as the date of my debut release draws nearer. Stay tuned for more details regarding pre-orders, teasers and giveaways. Until then, get to know my wonderful publisher and earn a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card. Click the link below and enter!
Tryst Books


Free Read: Severed

severed“Nervous much?”

Ruel glanced over at Ereik with narrowed eyes. The demon consort and he had grown accustomed to each other’s presence over the course of several centuries of working together, however neither held the other in high regard.

“Why should I be?” Ruel replied coolly.

The demon shrugged his shoulders, the heavy leather sleeves of his duster producing a loud rustle. “No reason. Ninety-nine thousand.” Ereik let out a low whistle through pursed lips that curved up at the corners. “Doesn’t the next soul win you a car or some shit like that?”

Ereik always found sport in provoking Ruel with profanity and insolence, especially in close proximity of his superiors. “Mind your tongue, demon.” Ereik lifted his hands in mock surrender as Ruel reigned in his uncharacteristically hair-trigger temper. “I know not seeing as though I have yet to reach this number until now.” Ruel shifted from one booted foot to the other while waiting outside the Assemblence chambers, Ereik’s calculating eyes boring into him like a power drill.

Continue reading

Thin Skin Need Not Apply

I have been in the process of turning my penchant for writing into something more than just a hobby for a little over a year now. I will be the first to admit I have loads to learn and I am exponentially far from best-seller territory. However, I have noticed personal growth that I am quite proud of. When reading words I have recently penned and comparing them to scribbles in a notebook from a year ago, the difference is remarkable and apparent. Continue reading


As Keyl rose from the ashen depths of the underworld his powers surged through his limbs. He had been charged with the task of bringing the rains. Rains that would continue to fall until Dark Ridge had been thoroughly cleansed of its crimes. It was not his place to ask why nor to argue the presence or in some cases the absence of just cause. The Kreator had been provoked and ultimately the flute had been sounded, an action that could never be undone.
Keyl appeared invisible to the inhabitants of Dark Ridge that looked on with terror in their eyes while scurrying for cover from the deluge. He was a dark angel to some, a demon to others, but to the Kreator he was nothing more than a messenger carrying out the supreme deity’s justice for the first time in centuries. Continue reading

The Lone Rider

The lone rider stared down at the message secured in his gloved hand after convincing his reluctant horse to cross the small stream. He was uncertain of the words scribed on the elegant piece of parchment, but fear toyed with the breakfast he had purchased at the inn before he began his journey this morning nonetheless.
Life as a correspondent during times of war lacked nobility and reverence, however one’s life always managed to hang in the balance regardless of whether one took up a long sword and stood amongst the other soldiers of the battlefield’s front line. He was the front line and he was alone.
The rider reached a hand down and gave a gentle pat to his horse’s thick neck. The beast no doubt sensed his apprehension and proved it was more than willing to abandon their charge at the rider’s request. How easy would it be to give a sideways tug to the reins and send them riding off into the vast openness, as far from the war as possible. As the rider grabbed hold of the leather straps with both hands once again, a rumble broke over the tumultuous sky. The gods had weighed in on the matter and only a fool would refuse their counsel.
The rider shifted in his saddle and pressed his knee into the muscled side of his travel companion. With an accompanying loud click of his tongue, both horse and rider rode towards what the latter prayed would not be their end.