Arch Intrigue: A Serial Romance

cover“When you have been in town a week you will wonder how you could ever have stood the country life.” Aesop’s Fable: The City Mouse and the Country Mouse.

Betrayal, Seduction, Intrigue…

Cole Jacobson always wanted to take after his father and pursue his dreams. But when tragedy strikes, he must chose between what he wants and what he must do in order to save the struggling business his father left behind, even if it means making a deal he knew he would one day regret. When his uncle summons him to the big city of Mason, he reconsiders his opinion of the fast track life after meeting his new boss and uncle’s young business partner, Shaun Wright, whose beauty and power threatens to seduce him into turning his back on the only dream he’s ever had.

Part I

Chapter 1 * Chapter 2 * Chapter 3 * Chapter 4 * Chapter 5 * Chapter 6 * Chapter 7 * Chapter 8 * Chapter 9Chapter 10 * Chapter 11 * Chapter 12 * Chapter 13

Part II

Chapter 14 * Chapter 15 * Chapter 16 * Chapter 17 * Chapter 18 * Chapter 19 * Chapter 20 * Chapter 21 * Chapter 22 * Chapter 23 * Chapter 24 * Chapter 25 * Chapter 26

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