How do you write?

In order to establish yourself as a writer, you must— well, write. Sometimes finding a process that consistently works is a far greater challenge than putting actual words on a page. I have a day job Monday through Friday and often squeeze valuable writing time in between. My brain seems to focus best when my butt is parked in that office chair. Go figure! I don’t have access to my digital manuscript files while at work, therefore I do a good chunk of my writing old school. Translation: pen and paper. (I could do a whole post on favorite writing implements but I will save that for another time.)
Although the pen and paper process might be considered double the work, because anything I write will have to be transcribed into a digital format, I find several benefits from using this method. Most obvious is the loss of technological distractions that one may encounter while on a computer. How easy is it to click over and surf the biggest time vacuum of all, the Internet? I like to think I have a better handle on my impulse control, but I really don’t.
Another pleasant upside to physical writing is the freedom to make spelling and grammatical mistakes until your heart’s content. There are no dotted red or green lines signaling how bad you’re doing it wrong. In turn, leaving behind another distraction, because my obsessive tendencies force me to almost always right-click and make those damn dotted lines disappear.
Last but certainly not least, pen and paper writing can be done anywhere and everywhere, with a minimal chance of being lost because you forgot to click ctrl-s after your last writing epiphany. Been there, done that, and nearly wept.
So what are some quirky processes you’ve adopted in order to get your writing done?

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